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Financial Aid: The Middle-class Always Get Screwed

I have discovered that I attend a very smart university institution. I came to this conclusion without examining the facilities, quality of teaching, or measuring available resources. I drew this simple conclusion by the fact that my school has managed to increase tuition by six hundred dollars in the last three years without anyone noticing. Six hundred dollars! Thats over half a thousand dollars (meaning more than a course for 1 term); making my annual university tuition a whopping $6212.88 (this is the first year it has hit the six-thousand range) for 8 months of university education, not including books (which generally total $1000, even when buying used copies) or travel expenses ($324/mos, or $2592 per school year).

With my total costs for the year hitting almost ten-thousand dollars ($9,804.88, to be exact), you can’t imagine how much I am peeing my pants. And my school is getting even smarter: in recognition that students are having a harder time paying school fees, the university now expects you to pay a minimum deposit well before classes start in order to register. “Minimum deposit isn’t so bad!” you think to yourself indignantly. No, no – wait for it – my educational institution’s conception of “minimum deposit” is 65% of the total tuition cost. This means I have to come up with $4038.32 to simply register – and the real kicker is, I have only one month to come up with this money. One month.

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Guys Would Get a LOT More, if They Expected a Little Less

I sit here writing precariously: the guys who are active writers for this blog were up in arms at my insistence for this post, but I think their curiosity about a girl’s perspective got the best of them, and I managed to sneak in approval for this post. I concede that Surviving Studenthood is  a blog about studenthood (and surviving it – I know, not so creative title! :)) but in my opinion, relationships are a huge part of studenthood, and they are worth discussing. Plus – as I discovered from last week’s meeting – any blog post about guys getting more action, is bound to be a hit.

Of course, we keep this blog rated PG (well, PG14) because although our target audience is university students, youngsters these days are surprisingly technology-savvy. So, when we say ‘action’, we mean it in the most innocent, ‘clammy holding-hands and tentative, frightened kissing’ type of action.

Disclaimer aside, lets get down to business.

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Welcome to Surviving Studenthood!

Welcome to Surviving Studenthood! (Become a Fan on Facebook)

This is a blog which narrates the experiences of a university student, to be a voice of student everywhere. Even if you and I live in different countries, attend different schools, and study different subjects, we are still the same. We struggle through surviving “studenthood” together, and we are all looking for an outlet to express who are we and what we believe in.

Much like the bubble in the picture, we are whole and yet, incomplete at the same time. It is the joy of being a student – in academia, but also a student of life. We have the opportunity to redefine who we are and allow our world experiences to change our own world.

This is a blog that is just itching to hear your voice. Although I may write posts stemming from my own university experience, I am confident that you, as a student, have/will experience something similar and that you will be willing to share your thoughts, opinions, and feelings so that others may learn from your “studenthood” experience.

Like adulthood, studenthood is best experienced with the warm company and laughter of friends!


The “Surviving Studenthood” Founder