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Univeristy of Toronto’s Student Life Blog, UpbeaT, from their post “Blog Your Socks Off!”:

Do you remember the awkward stages when you morphed from a teenager into an adult? And how, in those moments of painful embarrassment, a bit of guidance and encouragement was always helpful? Well, Surviving Studenthood is based on the same concept! It’s a blog designed to help you through the awkward moments of “studenthood.” For example, one of my favourite posts, The Only Sober Apple in a Drunk Barrel (a play on the phrase “there’s one bad apple in every barrel…”), recounts a student’s frustration at being the only sober student at a university social event. The post suggests some tips on how to deal with that situation while remaining true to your beliefs. In addition, the blog encourages students to share their tips – I’m sure many of their posts recount situations you’ve experienced and you probably have some great ideas! Although Surviving Studenthood is a relatively new blog (and thus, there are only a few posts so far), I highly recommend it to you!


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