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Cooking Without Mom!

One area of studenthood that we haven’t addressed much is living on your own…and that includes cooking. In an effort to address this experience in studenthood, we are going to reblog these excellent student cooking tips that are popping up on a blog created by our founder. Enjoy!

Travelling Through Twenties

For the first time last night I cooked ground beef. Let me tell you, it was a lot less scary than I expected! Over my very brief stint of cooking on my own, I’ve discovered I like to get very creative! For example, please see my How to Make Tacos or Salsa Beef Pasta posts to see how to use your cooked ground beef in easy  recipes!

How to Cook Ground Beef


Ground beef

1/2 Spanish Onion (chopped into small squares)

1/4 Green Pepper (chopped into small pieces)

3 tablespoons (or small amount) of water as needed

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Wrapping up a snowstorm-y day; Salute to U of T and Ryerson Students

For those of you just heading downtown, I am sure “wrapping up” doesn’t even begin to describe your day (come back to this post when you are ready to curl up in bed with your laptop and peruse blogs!), but bear with us as we provide some perspective and well deserved credit.

Today was a day that put students to the test. For the lucky ones at York or UTM or UTSC, the test didn’t apply. But for U of T St.George or Ryerson or York Region District School Board secondary school students, there was a big examination. It was an examination that tested your commitment to your education.

Did you pass?

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Hoping for a Snowstorm?

I’ve been greatly frustrated with being at school…something about the courses, my friends, and just about everything else has got my brain in a blizzard. When I heard there could be a snowstorm, I have to admit – I was a bit relieved.

According to the weather network, every major city from Windsor to Kingston will see at least 15cm of snow on Wed. In fact, some areas could see up to 30cm between Wed and Thurs. This is going to be a significant winter storm for much on North America; many of the US states are also expecting a massive snowfall and freezing temperatures – snow could be measured in feet in some places! Dozens of flights have already been cancelled as freezing rain is predicted tonight.

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Gearing Up for School: A New Year’s Term

With exactly 9 days left before school starts, we figured it was time to get you thinking about the new year and the upcoming new term. Excusing your night of bubbly new year’s eve fun, we’ll assume the rest of the week is going into recovering from your hangover and spending a few more days with your family.

January 3rd marks the first day back to school for elementary and high school students, the first day back to work for those money-making adults, and…the first day of prepping for school for university students. As most of us don’t go back until the 10th of January, it might be important to think about how to spend this next week, post-hangover.

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Approaching the Oct 2010 LSAT

If you are writing the LSAT on Oct 9th, 2010, I suspect that is the only thing on your mind for the rest of the week. A recent article I read discussed how a student posted on Craigslist an advertisement, asking a student to write the LSAT for him. Whoops. Not such a hot way to start your legal career by attempting to commit fraud.

We understand that panic can set in during the last few days, and we’d like to offer a few tips, a bit of insight, and some words of advice from us at Surviving Studenthood. We’ve got some great tips from students who wrote the LSAT in previous sittings – including the June 2010 sitting, a notably difficult test.

What are some things you need to know for this Saturday?

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I’ve Graduated and I Don’t Know What to Do…

Hi Surviving Studenthood…

I enjoy your posts!


I’ve got a question for you although it is not directly related to the ‘student’ experience.

Hit us with it anyways!

I graduated just this year with a Bachelor’s degree specializing in Commerce. Congrats!

I enjoyed university, and I graduated feeling well-prepared for the ‘real world’, but now that I am ‘out there’, I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. I want to – for lack of better words – change the world, but I can barely find a job I enjoy. I’m confused about whether to start my own business or pursue an MBA or get a job in a corporation.

Any ideas?


Well George, your question may not apply to current students, but it is part of the student experience nonetheless, and we are happy to answer your question. Graduating can be scary – it is overwhelming, and a little nerve-wracking – and as we like to think of it as so, because students graduate full ideas and excitement that are ready to jump out into the real world and we know that no one wants to fall flat on their face.

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Change Tomorrow’s World: The Perfect Way to Get Involved

Our start as Surviving Studenthood stemmed from partnership from Change Tomorrow’s World. With their support, we’ve had 2,232 views within six months of starting! In our effort to recognize their guidance and assistance – from marketing to writing posts and managing wordpress – we would like to draw your attention to their upcoming search for blog writers, photographers, editors and publicity assistants. We encourage you to get involved and make a difference – their blog reaches people around the world, and features charities and students making a difference.

The following is their posting for recruitment.

If you are interested in getting involved, please apply!

Cheers, Surviving Studenthood

Dear Change Tomorrow’s World Fans! Change Tomorrow’s World is an online organization geared to educating youth about world issues in a technologically-savvy way. The aim of this organization is to educate youth and inspire them – to make a difference in their families, community, city, and the world. After a very successful starting year with 55 posts, 76 comments, over 200 followers and 8,991 total views, Change Tomorrow’s World is back again, r … Read More

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Hot or Not?

A friend and I got into a big discussion about the problem with hot T.A.s and Professors. Apparently, a friend of hers (wow, all my posts tend to be a chain reaction) has a hot T.A. – or rather, as she put it, a T.A. whose confidence and appeal was so sexy, she was having trouble concentrating in class.

Hmm, I wouldn’t mind stopping by that class! 🙂

Jokes aside, I thought this was SUCH an interesting topic. What would you think of having attractive administrators? Of course, selecting Professors and T.A.s based on… sexiness?… is both too subjective and arguably unconstitutional as it is considered discriminatory (props for having a pre-law friend). But when you can’t stop staring at his cute smile long enough to look at the blackboard, then Houston, we have a problem.

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So…Reading Week Means Actual Reading?

According to my mother, 20-something years ago, Reading Week was actually called “Ski Week”. Apparently, students would take the week off to travel up to a ski lodge, where they would spend the week cruising the slopes, sipping hot cocoa, and enjoying the company of friends as they ate a delightful dinner by the fireplace.

I’m pretty sure I stared at her, incredulous, for about 15 minutes straight as she told me this. A quick glance at my own calendar suddenly reveals that I have three midterms alone within the first four days of school after Reading Week, not to mention to consecutive weeks of deadlines after that. Not unlike many other U of T students, the realization has suddenly hit me: I have to do reading during Reading Week.

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