FEB 2011 LSAT: The Valentine’s Love Fest Everyone was Hoping for?

Welcome LSATers! Congrats on completing the first LSAT test of the new year. While its not exactly the Valentine’s weekend you had planned, hopefully the LSAT was so awesome, it was like giant lovefest for you.

We’ve discovered how important the LSAT is to our readers and subscribers, so we will dedicate a post or two which include everything and anything about the LSAT – your experiences, updates we get on scores, and what people around the world thought of it. We open the comments section up to hear your thoughts and feelings, so comment away! We will also be posting updates right here on this post, so bookmark our website, and check back here every once in a while before your score comes out to see what people are saying.

Upon completing your test, I am sure anxiety set in, coupled with your irritation that you didn’t have your cellphone on you and had to wait forever to use the pay-phone and for someone to come pick up. But while the gnawing feeling in your chest may last until your score comes in, we here at Surviving Studenthood, are here to ease the burden and share in communal experiences.

Now that it’s over, relax. Enjoy a big lunch, turn on the TV and catch up on your old shows, so peruse the web for awesome sites (like ours, and The Wonders of Womanhood!), and after a re-charing break (or day) get back to the assignment you have due Monday.

How was the Feb LSAT? Any sections particularly hard? Was it easier or harder than previous sittings? What would be advice you’d give for the June 2011 LSAT-ers?

Updates and Additions to our Feb 2011 LSAT post

Feb 13, 12:20PM: So we are hearing Reading Comp was the hardest but logic games tripped up a few people.  It seems the test was “pretty average”

The test may have been 101 questions this time, but we are still looking into it.

There also seems to be concern about your current acceptances; if you have been fortunate enough to get into law school so far, to our knowledge, a school cannot withdraw their offer. Many offers are conditional based on maintaining a certain average (although I am not sure if this applies to law school) but the LSAT doesn’t factor into an acceptance you already have.


Feb 12, 2:05PM: Okay, so we have some updates, but they are currently unconfirmed – this is just what people are saying on other blogs, so we add a disclaimer now to say don’t hold us to this! (We also want to remind any commentators that you are not allowed to discuss specific questions on the test, or ask about answers, based on the LSAT agreement you signed.)

Apparently the “snow plows” logic games was real (for those of you who had an experimental logic games), one logical reasoning was 25, the other was 26 questions, and the Reading Comp section had a passage on UNESCO. Can anyone confirm this?

This is likely the most detail we can get into about the test. You can say “game two was hard” but you can’t say “answer three was a”.

Do tell us your thoughts though! Easier or harder than previous sittings?


Feb 12, 1:45PM: Coming soon! In the meantime, add your thoughts in our comments section! If you are new to the LSAT experience, I encourage you to check out our posts on the Oct 2010 LSAT, particularly in the updates section. It will answer a lot of questions on what to expect when the score email date arrives.


6 responses

  1. just took the test. i am on the east coast. decent test. minus the reading comprehension. one of them was easy, one was extremely hard. i am hoping the harder was the experimental. but i have yet to figure that out. any other insights!?

  2. Hey Jennifer – most people seem to be saying the test wasn’t too hard (and thus the grading curve might not be too steep). Apparently one logic game really pissed people off (something about a snow plow?) but if you looked at the games before starting them, people were able to pick out the easier ones and do them.

    Apparently the real reading comp had passaged on UNESCO, but we’ll see if we can get it confirmed…

    Anyone else’s experience with the LSAT? Leave us a comment!

  3. Just got out on the east coast as well, I can confirm that the real RC had a passage about UNESCO and another about Quechuan Medicine. Every passage in the real RC section was long, complicated or a combo of both. The first passage was easiest to read and understand in my opinion but it only had 5 questions associated. Of course this is after LSAC drains you with an experimental and an LR section, and before you get a break. My current question is, do the makers of the LSAT intentionally design the sequence of the sections to falsely create low scores? Chumps.

    Both LR sections were average although I do believe it was 24 and 26 questions not 25/26.

    Logic Games had a rule replacement question which is always irritating because of the re-sketching that it necessitates but no game stood out to me as incredibly difficult or incredibly easy (maybe with exception to the sequencing game at the end)

    All in all RC is once again the wild card and I feel for all others who rushed through and have no idea how they did. Uncertainty certainly sucks but the scores aren’t changing now.

    Enjoy the evening

  4. So we’ve got what – 5, 4 more days left?

    Forums think the curve will be -11, but we tend to see students are overly pessimistic, and it might be less than that…

    What are you guys thinking, based on your writing experience?

  5. Scores are out!

    How did everyone do?!

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