Hoping for a Snowstorm?

I’ve been greatly frustrated with being at school…something about the courses, my friends, and just about everything else has got my brain in a blizzard. When I heard there could be a snowstorm, I have to admit – I was a bit relieved.

According to the weather network, every major city from Windsor to Kingston will see at least 15cm of snow on Wed. In fact, some areas could see up to 30cm between Wed and Thurs. This is going to be a significant winter storm for much on North America; many of the US states are also expecting a massive snowfall and freezing temperatures – snow could be measured in feet in some places! Dozens of flights have already been cancelled as freezing rain is predicted tonight.

As a student – and more importantly, a commuter, 9AM class on Wed doesn’t look too appealing especially when the snow is expected making an appearance for 6 hours from 3AM to 9AM on Wed morning.

Unfortunately, the University of Toronto is a ridiculous stickler for keeping classes – which I appreciate, because at $500 a pop for a half-year course, you’ll lose $42 every time a class is cancelled. But in the terrible position that the university decides too late that the class is cancelled, many students have travelled an hour – possible more if traffic is a problem – to make it downtown; only to discover an impertinent notice on the door which says your hours of commute were worthless.

How can you combat this problem, so you don’t make an unnecessary trip?

Check the U of T website for one – at http://www.utoronto.ca/ – often they put up notices about school closures. In the event, however, that you don’t have access to the internet, or the website has not been updated, you can check the “snowstorm hotline” – which I think is as hilarious but great idea. Simply dial the number below, and listen to the recorded message. The message will be updated if classes are cancelled.

St. George Campus 416-978-SNOW (7669)
Uof T Mississauga 905-569-4455
U of T Scarborough 416-287-7026

If you are lucky enough not to have to leave at the crack of down to get downtown (yes, I get up at 6AM to get to school for 9AM), then you can take a look at media sources such as the news, such as the TV or radio.

You can get more information about how the university decides to close the school, and what the process is at this website.

We’ll try to post some updates in the comment sections about the weather and potential school closures.

Let us know how it goes!

Surviving Studenthood (showing you new tactics to survive – or avoid 🙂  – studenthood).


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  1. UPDATE:

    Okay, so nothing from the schools yet. However!

    The Weather Network has now placed a storm watch for all of Southern Ontario, and a winter storm warning for the City of Toronto in particular. What does this mean, exactly?

    The storm watch places Ontario cities under a blizzard warning which means that southern Ontario is “almost guaranteed” up to 40cm of snow in some areas, by mid-afternoon. There are blizzard warnings issues by Environment Canada for some places as well.

    Did you know this is the first widespread blizzard warning for souther Ontario since March 1993? Some schools have closed, the GO transit will operate on an adjusted schedule (all express trains will now stop at every stop) and drivers will have to be extra cautious and extra patient when on the road. Visibility will be reduced due to falling snow, and snowplows will be on the road, so drivers will need to pay attention, and recognize that their commute time will be increased.

    We shall be keeping you updated! Keep checking back 🙂

    Taken from the weather network website:

    “This incredible satellite image shows the extent of the current storm (Courtesy NASA)”


  2. We’re seeing nothing from U of T yet – I suspect there wont be much until later in the morning…we’ll keep updating, and tomorrow when I’m up at 6AM, I’ll leave you a comment and the rest of the team will keep updating as we hear…

    A call to the u of t “snow line” reveals no changes – although I think thats the funniest idea since sliced bread … although I’m sure if someone was wielding a knife and threatening to slice your bread, you wouldn’t fine it funny…

    Will keep u posted tonight and tomorrow morning! Cheers! 🙂

  3. While there is no update from U of T, we did want to remind you a couple of things:

    A) It is likely a decision will be made overnight about about the status of classes, and thus checking the website and campus radio, (or here!) are a good place to start. Furthermore, it is unlikely all the classes will be cancelled tomorrow. There is a possibility for 9AM classes, but otherwise it is a tough call.

    B) Normally, classes will not be cancelled by individual instructors – either all the classes for a certain time period are cancelled, or no one’s classes are cancelled.

    C) If classes are cancelled, events may still be held at the discretion of the organizers

    D) Even if classes are cancelled, it doesn’t mean the school is closed. That is, unless a “close operations” order is announced, non-teaching operations will continue. If you live downtown and you want to hit up the registrar without a line, tomorrow’s a good day 🙂

    Will keep you posted – please, leave us a comment if you have any questions about the university closure operations.

  4. yorks closed. come on U of T. dont be hard asses. just close!!

    1. looks like UTM and UTSC are closed– I don’t entirely get why St George doesn’t follow suit, given so many students commute in from Mississauga and Scarborough… 😦

      1. i’m on the utm website..they didnt update it. are you sure :s

  5. I’m sorry U of T’ers…I think I’m supposed to leave in 10min, because nothing indicated U of T is closed….

    Their website says nothing, the snow line – when you can get through! – has the same message of classes being open, and it seems the downtown core has been cleaning sidewalks…although drifting snow is a problem, and the blizzard warning is still on BUT they are expecting to clear out during the day.

    Downtown seems to be empty but open – I don’t know.

  6. UTM closed as well! bah hum bug. argh!!

  7. UPDATE:

    – Toronto and Catholic District School Boards are closed
    -York Uni is Closed


    – DOWNTOWN (ST.GEORGE CAMPUS) has NOT said they are closed.

    – Sheridan is closed

    – Humber is closed

    – McMaster is closed

  8. Apparently U of T downtown hasn’t confirmed either way. I’m not leaving until I see they are open, but I suspect they are open….

    If it is any consolation, apparently subway and Go transits are running fine. You should be able to get downtown without a big problem.

    Snow is also apparently winding down.

  9. Hi friends,

    I’m in my 9AM class now, and I have to say, the weather isnt too bad at all. I left home 30min late and made it to class early. I think you all should just buck up and attempt to come downtown. Transit systems are not delayed, and it’s not a problem commute-wise. It’s cold, but nothing too “un-Canadian”. 🙂

  10. Hey guys,

    Just got word on the grapevine that maybe *maybe*, 6pm classes (not earlier) *might* be cancelled. Please don’t stop checking details online – nothing is confirmed, and so far, all systems at u of t are a go!

  11. So far, the campus has continued to stay open – classes are proceeding as normal, and attendance has been pretty good!

  12. gud

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