Gearing Up for School: A New Year’s Term

With exactly 9 days left before school starts, we figured it was time to get you thinking about the new year and the upcoming new term. Excusing your night of bubbly new year’s eve fun, we’ll assume the rest of the week is going into recovering from your hangover and spending a few more days with your family.

January 3rd marks the first day back to school for elementary and high school students, the first day back to work for those money-making adults, and…the first day of prepping for school for university students. As most of us don’t go back until the 10th of January, it might be important to think about how to spend this next week, post-hangover.

1. Start thinking school: The first step is attitude. While the haziness of holidays are deliciously warm and relaxing, you know school will be a jolting splash of cold water. Better get out of the denial bubble now, while it isn’t too painful. Using your backpack to hide New Year’s Eve goodies? Your agenda still hiding with a pile of last term’s papers under your bed? Time to get out those precious school materials and get into the school mode of thinking. Start looking at next term’s schedule, and thinking about what you might still have left to do if you are graduating this year (e.g. booking your grad photos or sending law schools your fall 2010 grades, etc.)

2. Adjust your sleeping pattern: I know university students are amazing at running on 2 hours of sleep, and that we can work till 4 in the morning when a looming deadline hangs over us. When we unwind during the holidays, we often forget that class at 9 or 10 AM is going to worse than poison ivy. Why shock your body into a new sleep pattern the night before? Practice the week before school starts by getting up a little earlier every day so that by the first day of school you are raring to go.

3. Think long-term: School comes with all types of snarky concerns like whether you’ve paid off the rest of your school fees or when to pick up your second OSAP installment.  This is the time to think long-term about the rest of the semester.

4. Make a Resolution: Doesn’t the saying go “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? Make a few resolutions to get out of the classroom and into the gym or with friends. You can commit to your goals by scheduling fun plans and gym days the way you schedule your classes an tutorials. It’s important to remember that being all-rounded can balance mind, body and soul.

Happy New Year! Have a little fun with friends!

5. Have a Little FUN!: If you’ve been working hard all December break, take a load off before school comes back. Between working part-time, juggling school work and commuting, you’ll wish you enjoyed the weekend before school to just watch some TV or go out with friends. The week before school is an opportune time to have sibling-free days or connect with old friends who study out-of-town. Be sure to take some time off before school starts so you go back refreshed and rejuvenated instead of burnt out and frustrated.

A very Happy New Year to you all!


Surviving Studenthood


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