Surviving Studenthood brings you The Wonders of Womanhood!

I’m not sure what it is with girls, but they have this knack for community and sisterhood. Somehow, the girls of our group here at Surviving Studenthood have decided they they need another blog, and we guys have to grin and and stick it out – although, we got dibs on the design of Surviving Studenthood, and decided to funk it up a little more.

The girls bring you ‘The Wonders of Womanhood’. I know I will be reading it, just because I am curious about what wonders women might have that men don’t – and certainly, I will get some insight on how women think. I encourage you to check it out – they’ve snagged a couple of our posts which you may not have read, and they have a few of their own.

I hope you enjoy their new blog!

Welcome to The Wonders of Womanhood! This is a blog for woman – and for men, but mostly for women 🙂 – to discuss ideas, share thoughts and commune together while we survive and enjoy the magical passage through womanhood. Anyone can be part of this blog – it's an opportunity for women to get some reinforcement from a fellow sista, and guys (or other girls) to get the inside scoop on understanding women. We are the girls from Surviving Studenthood – we write about the trials and tri … Read More

via The Wonders of Womanhood


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