Hot or Not?

A friend and I got into a big discussion about the problem with hot T.A.s and Professors. Apparently, a friend of hers (wow, all my posts tend to be a chain reaction) has a hot T.A. – or rather, as she put it, a T.A. whose confidence and appeal was so sexy, she was having trouble concentrating in class.

Hmm, I wouldn’t mind stopping by that class! 🙂

Jokes aside, I thought this was SUCH an interesting topic. What would you think of having attractive administrators? Of course, selecting Professors and T.A.s based on… sexiness?… is both too subjective and arguably unconstitutional as it is considered discriminatory (props for having a pre-law friend). But when you can’t stop staring at his cute smile long enough to look at the blackboard, then Houston, we have a problem.

Its tough to study or focus when you have a cute T.A., or classmate who seems to always catch your eye. Is it possible to bask in the hotness while keeping the A’s?

Keep your head: Remember, you are going to school to learn. Its always great to have some eye candy but getting stuck to someone like molasses can only put cavities in your studies. And holes in your studies ain’t a good thing.

Make a decision and stick to it: While it is inappropriate for a T.A. and student to have a relationship, you may be interested in asking a classmate out. Make a decision – either ask her out, or don’t, but don’t spend the whole semester gazing at her adoringly without actually talking to her. Plus, she might find it creepy to be on the other end of your interested stares.

Its a bit of a balancing act … I mean, sure, having a cute T.A. means you’ll be motivated to come to class prepared, having read the readings. But on the other hand, if you come to class and blank out due to his cuteness, then you are back at square one! 🙂

What’s your perspective on this situation? Hot, or Not?

Surviving Studenthood


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