(Ugly) Betty Blogging Boom

Okay, so I know I generally write about academic things, but … I love the show Ugly Betty, and their most recent episode had plenty about blogging, and I just couldn’t resist. It was an episode that reached out to me, as a blogger, and encouraged me to reach out to you outside the world of academia.

Ugly BettyFor those of who you don’t know the show, Betty is a young woman making her way as an editor at one of fashion’s hottest magazine, Mode. Over the last few years, she has really come a long way, making many close friends including Daniel Meade, her supervisor. Throughout this process, she has discovered where her passions lie and how to fight for things she wants while staying true to herself. In the most recent episode, we find out that Betty has won a “BLOBBY” – a blogging award – for her positive and creative blog. I don’t want to give away the episode, but in her frustration at the lack of confidence, support and most importantly – respect – from her fellow peers, Betty breaks her own personal rule and “vents” about a situation that happened at work. Although she keeps the name of her source of agitation anonymous, overnight her blog gets hundreds of hits as people correctly guess who she is upset with (an individual very well-known in the fashion industry.)

Ugly Betty Blog

Betty's response to a comment on her blog, which mentions that her (Betty's) blog is always positive, and inquires if anything ever gets Betty mad.

Suddenly, my favourite Betty is up to her ears in trouble, and of course, Betty’s blogging woes make me think about my own blogging. In many ways, I blog for the same reasons as Betty – I feel I have these great ideas, and more importantly, I feel other people have better ideas than me, and I want to create an environment in which these ideas are shared. I started this blog the same way that Betty started hers – we both write for alternate media (me, another blog; Betty, a magazine) and we felt that the authority figure in those cases restricted our thoughts and ideas. The personal blogging became a way to let ideas flow freely and to write something meaningful that, although may be biased, it comes from bias which stems from the heart and not from restrictions and authority.

And most importantly, we both wish “to inspire at least one person”. And, I think, this is the one thing that all bloggers have in common. It is why I write, at least – so that my words, thoughts, voice – they can all lead to action. Perhaps the trials I write about today can help comfort someone tomorrow. Perhaps I can inspire too … perhaps others can read this blog and feel comfortable to share their ideas.

For Betty, the blogging is more than a venting zone – it is about sharing a personal part of her. I love that Betty blogs from the heart, and I hope that, whether I write about academia or life outside the “student world”, my readers will feel the passion which carves my penmanship.

At the end of the episode, Betty says a few words at her at her award ceremony which I want to share with you.

“We’re not here celebrating me tonight, as much as we’re here celebrating what blogs can do. Sure, they can be used to thoughtlessly attack people from a seemingly safe vantage point … but, they can also make it possible for someone who has something to say but doesn’t have a TV station,or a major magazine, to still make their voice be heard and I think that’s really important, even if it is just 71 people listening.”

And thats exactly it – this blogging is a voice – for me and for you. No matter how many people are reading our words and listening to our voice, our thoughts and ideas have the power to inspire the world, even if it only starts with one person.

Betty's Blog


Surviving Studenthood

(This post is a joint, collaborated piece with Change Tomorrow’s World. Many thanks.)


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